Water Treatment plant is also called water treatment process. Water treatment is done to meet the needs of drinking water or bottled water.

WATER TREATMENT PLANT is the first water filter in Indonesia so as over time, we develop the product to reach the perfect point both in the quality of the water produced and the materials used and the most up-to-date technology contained in the WATER TREATMENT PLANT.

The clean water itself has three criteria:

1. Clean water is the usual water for raw drinking water.

2. Drinking water is water that is ready to be drunk and has been through the process of sterilizing bacteria or water cooked first.

3. Bottled water is water that can be drunk directly.

Source of clean water or raw water commonly used taken from river water or lake water and deep well water. Sometimes one takes from shallow water wells and seawater. But this is rarely used.

The water treatment process has stages to go through, the steps are from river water intake (water intake), basin precedimentation, coagulation, and flocculation, sediment basin, filtration, neutralization, clear well tank, and last to the distribution tank.

We also provide WATER TREATMENT PLANT with the highest working pressure in its class in capacities ranging from 5M3 / h to 100M3 / hour which are mild steel based and coated with an epoxy coating to prevent rust.

We provide a one-year warranty that includes service and spare parts for all Medifilt water filtration products.