Sewage Water Treatment Plant is a process of processing human waste or domestic waste that comes from toilet and toilet. But sometimes Sewage Water Treatment Plant also consists of laundry and waste disposal from the kitchen.

Sewage Treatment plant is needed in hotels, high rise buildings and so on.

Sewage Treatment Plant waste products such as oils and fats from kitchen waste should be separated first from the oil and its fat from the water before entering the tub.

Likewise with laundry waste, ideally should be through pretreatment first that is coagulation, flocculation, neutralization, and sedimentation. For that required chemical or chemicals in accordance with their respective functions.

The result of the toilet or toilet waste is required for the crushing of the rough objects and then filtered, the new waste products into the processing tanks so that the effluent from the sewage treatment process can be disposed to the city channel with the required quality, even recycling for a watering plant.

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