Austech Cleaning Product is a speciality biodegradable formula specially designed for applications on:

1. Working at very low concentrations.

2. Effective and react quickly.

3. Biodegradable product; safe and environmentally friendly.

4. Quality and quality assured with foreign technology.

5. Good packaging, strong and easy to use.

Product Type from Austech Cleaning Product:

1. Water crust cleaner for bathroom

2. Floor cleaners and fragrances

3. Glass cleaner

4. Sanitary care

5. Handwashing soap

6. Carpet shampoo

7. Cleaner and polish stainless steel

8. Crystallization of marble

9. Oil Stain Remover, Oil

10. Lifting leftover carbon burning crust in the kitchen

11. Cleaner and remover of rust on metal

12. Anti-corrosion

13. Multipurpose mica cleanser

14. Kitchenware laundry soap

15. Dryer or rinse on dishwashing machine

16. Stain removers on cutlery

17. Sterilizing fluid

18. Silver cleaner.